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Remember the time you took to put together that bookcase? All the times you tackled the spaghetti of wires behind your home theater? The bad news is that it’ll all have to come back apart before you move. The good news is that you’ve got an experienced friend in Moving Service NYC to help.
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We assemble all brands of furniture and equipment.


We can be of assistance to you for many small repairs and installations throughout your home or office.


Our professionals will carefully take your furniture apart and package the individual sections.


Our technicians can properly mount your TV on the wall and leave you happily clicking the remote.

Let’s get to work.

As anyone knows who’s moved a large piece of furniture to another side of the room, big pieces can sometimes hide damage to walls and trim. Not to worry: our moving teams include experienced carpenters
who can restore damaged surfaces to their previous condition.
Furniture Assembly Service
Moving Service NYC

We make your living better.

Not all clients prefer to leave these items to someone else. After all, once you have your home theater’s speakers set up just right, you might not trust anyone to replicate your work. No problem: our team will work with you to provide exactly the installation options you need. By the time you start looking for professional movers, you’ve already invested plenty of time, money, and stress in finding your new place. To learn more about how we can make your move easier, quicker, and less stressful, contact us today.