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At a certain point early on, most of us are ready to walk away from the whole moving process and leave it to someone else. Even if you’ve chosen a professional mover, it’s important to get your head back in the game and plan the move yourself.
Make a list of every box, piece of furniture, and miscellaneous item to be moved. Be sure that each one of them is shipped at the right time, and that each makes it to your new location. It’s painstaking work, but overseeing your move will give you a renewed sense of control over the process, and will put some wind back in your sails to boot.


While you’re boxing things up and listing them, make sure to keep each room’s items together, and to label them clearly. Even if your new location is laid out much differently than your current one, keeping everything together the way you remember it will make unpacking and setting up your new place much easier.
Be honest about the things you won’t need at your new place, and move them to their own location. Chances are that a secondhand shop near you can use many of the things you no longer need, and you won’t kick yourself later for having spent extra time and money moving things that you no longer need.


You’re the world’s leading authority on your own belongings. Professional movers are the experts when it comes to getting your things from one place to another. Even if you’ve packed and labeled everything yourself, consider hiring a team of professional movers to actually transport it all. You’ll save time and stress during the most difficult phase of the move, leaving you free to focus on settling in to your new place.

Hire a Cleaner

If you rent your current home or apartment, you know that you treat it a bit differently than you would if you owned it. That’s not a terrible thing: all carpets pick up a stain or two, but as a renter you’re not free to go ahead and replace yours the way an owner would. But it might cost you a chunk of your deposit.
Consider hiring professional cleaners to bring your apartment back to its condition when you found it. For a few dollars now, you can save an awful lot when your lease is up.

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